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Most Russian women are interested in romantic dating, but some are much more interested in mercenary dating. Russian sites for this are concentrated in Moscow and provide very detailed information on their women, such as some or most of the following data:

  • Photo(s), with indication if verified (not always reliable)
  • Name/pseudonym
  • Age
  • Height, weight
  • Breast measure, vital statistics, dress size, shoe size
  • Contact data:
    • Telephone number (usually mobile)
    • E-mail address
  • Residential area (often marked on a Google map)
  • Nearest Metro station(s)
  • Services offered
  • Fees for:
    • 1-2 hours
    • Entire night
    • In/outcalls
  • Availability of 'friends' for group sessions
  • Clients' comments
  • Minimum clients' age
  • "Face control" (checking a client's aspect before admission)

Photos show women in varying stages of undress and are usually retouched to a redder/darker hue to make them look appealingly tanned, possibly because red is supposed to evoke passion, or both reasons.

Many young and attractive FSU girls flock to Moscow, aspiring to a modelling or TV career, from far-away places like even Vladivostok.
Like moths drawn to a candle flame. many get their wings burnt and eventually have to settle for a Sugar Daddy - or the world's oldest profession.

These girls may be independent operators (individualki) or part of an agency - in the absence of explicit indications, this may often be inferred by repetitive identical telephone numbers shown for contact information - or 'salons' or banyas, i.e. private clubs with swimming pools and saunas also offering massages and other forms of 'relax' (dosug) .

Professionals can be subdivided into two main categories:

  1. Mid-to-high level, featuring:
    • Higher fees
    • Professionally-made photos
    • Available for both in- and out-calls
    • Total tan
    • Shaven pubic hair
    • High-heeled, high-soled shoes:

  2. Mid-to-low level, featuring:
    • Lower fees
    • Amateur, home-made photos
    • Preference for in-calls
    • Partial or no tan
    • Pubic hair
    • Normal shoes

Many among the latter probably have another main occupation - as deducible from their afternoon/night service hours - and aim to supplement their income. Almost all have dyed hair, often with a preference for blond and for square-tipped fingernails:

These professionals normally post their profiles, often under different pseudonyms, on several sites for wider exposure and consequently greater business opportunities. A list of currently active and now inactive professional sites is contained on another page.

Double Dealers

Some professionals also try their luck, or prepare for retirement, by posting their profiles on dating sites too, obviously not mentioning their occupation and under different names.

Below are cases of professionals - in descending sequence of 'exposure' (Profiles) - who also are/were on dating sites, usually giving totally different names for obvious reasons of concealment. Observe that their photos on dating sites often show them in a slightly undressed state: this may be due either to the fact that they are reluctant to totally give up showing the physical attributes that made them successful professionals, or more probably to financial considerations, i.e. their intention to save some money by recycling their professional photos. However, this is a strategic mistake because they are easily spotted by anybody with a good visual memory and/or the use of image search engines like Yandex Images, Google Images and TinEye, available also as widgets installable on most browsers.


Differences in ages in either sites are probably due to the fact that they join dating sites later and that most professional sites usually ask for age, not birth date, at registration and therefore cannot update their listed ages automatically as dating sites do. Such differences can therefore be used to calculate their estimated service Seniority.

Professionals with numbers (No. at left on an  orange  background) have actually contacted me through dating sites. To access further details and their additional photos (thumbnails) , click on their  yellow  professional Names at right, or the Double Dealers button on the menu at left.

Some girls do not use their own photos but those of attractive models/actresses, and could therefore be defined "triple dealers" (see their list on another page).

Professional with many profiles often indicate their residence in very distant and far-apart cities, which leads to conjecture that either they have the gift of ubiquity or, more likely, that they, too, were subjected to 'photo-borrowing' by other collegues, whose sites are therefore marked by an asterisk (*).


Profiles and photos reproduced below are/were freely accessible on the Internet.
They do not necessarily belong to real and consenting women.

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Triple Dealers

Profiles on both dating sites and professional sites that do not use their personal photos, but those of attractive models/actresses, are listed on another page, updated up to March, 2019.

A list of 1,400+ models/actresses whose photos were and still are "borrowed" by professionals is contained on yet another page.

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